General information

  • Native understanding of Russian life, culture and market
  • Professionally trained Russian conference simultaneous interpreter, BA in Linguistics, People’s Friendship University, Russia, 2013 and Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation, Moscow State University, 2015.
  • Experience in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. Worked for major Russian and international clients.
  • Various specialty topics including railway industry, environment, medicine, cosmetics, veterinary, business, politics, engineering, computers, oil and gas industry, mass media, law.
  • Experienced in teaching English, Spanish and Russian as a foreign language. 
  • Available for conference interpretation assignments worldwide
  • Specialties: Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation between Russian, English and Spanish including highly technical subjects. Translation services are also provided.

Full CV

List of projects

My clients


Simultaneous interpretation at Open Innovations 2016 forum in Skolkovo, Moscow

Moscow Duma meeting with the working mission from Mexico

World Food 2016 expo B2B Russia-Ecuador meetings

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 . Гид-экскурсовод в Орхусе Анастасия Романюк